About us

Where we started.

Both founders worked for an engineering management company that specialised in the outsourcing and protection of fibre optic networks. It became clear that there were no specialist solutions that focused on the day-to-day management of the operations of the networks. Customers were increasingly after more information and reports on their networks and this was becoming time consuming and cumbersome. We scratched our own itch and with that Quixotic was born with its first product “Redeye” focused on network audits and condition surveys.

How its evolved.

Since the early days of an auditing software Redeye has developed into an all-encompassing Network Control Centre enabling Operations teams to manage their networks and is utilized as far and wide as Korea to Brazil. We have developed additional solutions to understand what construction is happening on net and have added the successful Before U Dig utility request service into the stable.

We are passionate about how Software as a Service solutions leverage mobile and cloud computing technologies to maximize network uptime for utility network operators and are at the forefront of how complex networks are built and maintained.

Why the name… Quixotic can be interpreted in either of two ways: both positively and negatively. The positive interpretation in particular means from Imagination to Reality. (Among the nice definitions it also means idealistic, romantic and visionary – we kind of like them too!).

They trust us.