Increasing network uptime

Quixotic maximises network uptime for utility network operators with their SaaS products.

Our vision 

Quixotic solutions are revolutionising the ways complex networks are built and maintained.


Quixotic is maximizing network uptime for utility network operators through automation.


Quixotic has built a Software as a Service solution leveraging mobile and cloud computing technologies making it a leader in the utility network space.


Quixotic provides instant network information to increase the network uptime and maximize network and workforce efficiency

Our Customers

We are currently focused on the Telecommunication sector but aim to target a wide range of Utility companies.

Why Quixotic

Our solutions are used today to survey and maintain several communication networks totalling more than 4,000 maintenance access points in Singapore and help to deliver savings of over 35% in maintenance costs.

  • Data capture

    Capture real site information on the network from mobile applications in real-time.

  • Cloud

    Cheaper, distributed and accessible anywhere.

  • Analytics

    Forecasting, tracking work & status in real-time, able to deploy teams off-schedule

  • Expertise

    15 years of expertise to build a complete solution based on real industry needs, solving real problems and improving efficiency.