Quixotic provides instant network information to increase the network uptime and maximize network and workforce efficiency

We revolutionise the ways complex networks are built and maintained by solving key problems

Managing thousands of manholes spread across a city
Improving uptime in a network spanning hundreds of kilometers
Maintaining thousands of base stations
Reducing the time to repair
Knowing who to contact based on the incident
Managing increasing scores of contractors and providing visibility on what they are delivering

Project initiation

Pre-consultation phase

High level requirements

Project and Programme Planning


Internal approval

Budgeting Approval


Scope of Work



Resource and Materials Management

Application to Authorities: pre-consulting and official applications

Contractors Selection

Award Contracts


Programme Management

Quality, Health and Safety


Issue Tracking

Progress Tracking



Planned and Preventive

Asset Management

Planned Monthly Inspection

Emergency Maintenance

Automated Report

Contractor Management

Repair or Replace Work


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Case studies 

We are currently focused on the Telecommunication sector but aim to target a wide range of Utility companies. Our solutions are used today to survey and maintain several communication networks totalling more than 4,000 maintenance access points in Singapore and help to deliver savings of over 35% in maintenance costs.

M1 case study 

3rd largest Telco in Singapore.

More than 2,000 manholes

400 km of duct network

No outages since using Quixotic

Monthly inspection of all manholes

Instant status of all the construction work on the network

Reduced maintenance costs

Red Technologies case study 

Manages 7 fibre networks across Singapore

Over 5,000 manholes

Manages over 500 km of duct network

Using Quixotic since 2012

Cost savings of over 35%

Zero outages since using Quixotic

Able to do monthly inspections of all manholes for all networks

Instant view of all construction work happening on the networks

Capture all asset data for all manholes monthly enabling instant decision making from management team for issues

Live on-site capture of construction work, enabling reduction in network outage risk

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